CCCVConstant current, constant voltage (recommended method for charging lithium ion and lithium polymer rechargeable batteries)
CCCVCalvary Chapel Chino Valley
CCCVChinese Christian Church of Victoria (Australia)
CCCVControl C Control V (copy, paste)
CCCVcontinuous current, constant voltage
CCCVCitroên Car Club of Victoria, Inc. (Victoria, Australia)
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The incorporation of loanwords into Kiswahili has resulted in an expansion of the Kiswahili syllabry, that is, it has increased the use of other syllable structures which are not very common in this language such as CCV and CCCV.
The CCCV wants to ensure the sustainability of the disposal and treatment of sludge Station by contracting a reclamation of sludge complies with regulations and environmentally.
In the framework of the development of services for citizens, urban community Toulon Provence Mediterranee is associated with Var territories: Cg83, CAD and CCCV to answer the call Project status Digital City and intelligent transport systems.