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CCDCharge-Coupled Device (type of image sensor)
CCDConfraternity of Christian Doctrine (Catholic religious education)
CCDCamouflage, Concealment, & Deception
CCDCensus County Division
CCDCommon Core of Data (US Department of Education)
CCDColony Collapse Disorder (bee colony)
CCDConsortium for Citizens with Disabilities
CCDContinuity of Care Document (clinical information)
CCDConvention to Combat Desertification
CCDCouncil of Canadians with Disabilities (Conseil des Canadiens avec Déficiences)
CCDConcatenated Disk (driver)
CCDCortical Collecting Duct
CCDCentral Core Disease
CCDCentro Cristiano Democratico (Italian: Christian Democratic Center)
CCDCentro Cristiano Democratico (Christian Democratic Center; Italian political party)
CCDCafe Coffee Day (India)
CCDCenter for Culinary Development
CCDCarbonate Compensation Depth (geology)
CCDCity and County of Denver (Colorado)
CCDCold Cathode Discharge
CCDCleidocranial Dysplasia
CCDConstruction Career Days
CCDCash Concentration and Disbursement
CCDConsumer Credit Directive (UK)
CCDClosed Caption Decoder
CCDCounter Current Decantation (mineral processing)
CCDContinuous Collision Detection (computational collision detection)
CCDCharge-Coupled Detector
CCDConference of the Committee on Disarmament
CCDCoalition For Cultural Diversity (Quebec)
CCDConsular Consolidated Database
CCDCoherent Change Detection (image processing)
CCDConstruction Change Directive
CCDConvention de Lutte Contre La Désertification (French: Convention to Combat Desertification; UN)
CCDCorporate Communications Department
CCDCabinet Committee on Disinvestment (India)
CCDCentre for Communication and Development (Bangladesh)
CCDCertified Clinical Densitometrist (bone density certification)
CCDComputer Controlled Display
CCDContract Completion Date
CCDClosed Cycle Diesel
CCDChemical Composition Distribution
CCDConvention Internationale de Lutte Contre La Désertification (French: International Convention to Combat Desertification)
CCDCommission Coopération Développement (French: Committee on Cooperation and Development; est. 1984)
CCDChemical Control Division (EPA)
CCDComputer Crimes Division
CCDCounty Conservation Districts
CCDCounseling and Career Development
CCDCommon Connectivity Device
CCDConsumer and Computation Division (Cypress Semiconductor Corporation; San Jose, CA)
CCDCourage the Cowardly Dog (cartoon show)
CCDChattahoochee Country Dancers (Atlanta, GA)
CCDConference on Copyright for Digital Millennium
CCDCalcium Compensation Depth (oceanography)
CCDCoastal Conservation Department
CCDCatalytic Combustion Detector
CCDCatholic Christian Doctrine (common, but incorrect)
CCDConceptual Common Denominator
CCDConfiguration Control Decision
CCDCertified Camp Director
CCDCommittee on Commerce and Distribution
CCDCenter for Character Development
CCDCenter for Culture and Development (various locations)
CCDConfiguration Control Document(s)
CCDCertified Christian Doula
CCDCommunauté de Communes du Diois
CCDCentral City Dump
CCDCambodian Community Day (Cambodia)
CCDConstruction Completion Date
CCDChangeling Control Division (comic strip)
CCDChair Command Disconnect
CCDCategory Code Directory
CCDConstants Change Display (NASA)
CCDCheckout Command Decoder
CCDComite Civil de Dialogo (Spanish: Civil Dialogue Committee; Zapatista National Liberation Front; Mexico)
CCDCivil Censorship Division (Civil Intelligence Section, Supreme Command, Allied Powers of the Far East Command)
CCDCategory Class Diagram
CCDCenter for Clean Development
CCDCombat Capability Document (US Air Force)
CCDCall Center Dashboard (shortcuts that automatically open applications in a call center)
CCDConcept Capability Demonstrator (EU)
CCDComplementary Coded Decimal
CCDComputerized Circuit Design, Inc.
CCDChartered Creative Director (AAPRMA)
CCDCommitted Completion Date
CCDCentral Cloudy Dystrophy (eye disorder)
CCDContinental Communications Division
CCDConfiguration Control Drawing
CCDCoarse Control Damper
CCDCategory Code Document
CCDCursor Controlled Device
CCDCorrespondence Control Division (White House)
CCDCiena CoreDirector (Ciena)
CCDConfiguration Control Directive
CCDCritically Controlled Document
CCDCity Civil Defense Director
CCDCommittee on Corporate Development
CCDCentral Coordination Disturbance
CCDCentral Cell Density
CCDCalifornia Conservatory of Dance (Mission Viejo, CA)
CCDCorporate Customer Database (AAFES)
CCDClient Contractual Dependency
CCDConception Coordination Décoration (French design company)
CCDCreative Communications & Design (est. 2003; Macedonia, OH)
CCDCenter for Constitutional Dialogue (Nepal)
CCDCustomer Care Department
CCDComprehensive Child Development
CCDControl of Communicable Diseases (various locations)
CCDChristian Commission for Development (est. 1982)
CCDComfortable Clothing Day
CCDCentros Comunitarios Digitales (Spanish: Digital Community Centres; Mexico)
CCDCourse Code Directory (Florida Department of Education)
CCDComprehensive Community Development
CCDClimate Change Division (various locations)
CCDCity Centre Development (various locations)
CCDCombatant Craft Division (US DoD)
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The Beetoxingenes may increase independently in each organism and in the bees, and the associated organisms of the CCD simply may be multiple independent hosts and carriers of lethal Beetoxingenes.
We know more now than we did a few years ago, but CCD has really been a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and the best I can say is that a lot of pieces have been turned over.
Starting from the seventh month, CCD intensity levels off to monthly contact regardless of patient response, because nonresponders would have been referred to mental health specialty care by then.
Vitala™ CCD has been remarkably well received by European stoma patients.
A major packaging equipment company solicited the help of CCD to increase the production speed for a specialized machine to produce stand-up pouches.
In the new Super CCD HR, each pixel has been miniaturized, resulting in a total of 6.
BCBSMA selected CCD Online Systems and Beyond 1999/Validate after an impressive demonstration by CCD consultants of its ability to find date issues in previously remediated code, Lyons explains.
In essence, the CCD creates for diverse property owners a legal mechanism, analogous to a mall maintenance corporation, to fund the management, promotion and improvement of public spaces in Center City.
Currently available in the Netherlands and Czech Republic, Vitala(TM) CCD is being introduced in additional European markets by the end of 2010.
While CCD is truly a serious problem, agricultural pollination is not in crisis at this time.
More recently, researchers have used CCD video cameras and image processing to more quickly and objectively analyze filler dispersion.
This year's awards were presented to Karen Currie Allen, CCD, Bonnie Closey, and Carol Sudduth, CCD.