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ECM's CCDB offers deep configuration information that provides a wealth of configuration settings for management applications that require this level of configuration knowledge.
With the Spectel 780 platform, CCDB can now efficiently manage its current traffic levels and is better equipped to keep pace with the growing demand for conferencing services in Brazil.
Equipped with the latest technology and tri-lingual coordinators (Portuguese, English and Spanish), CCDB services are used by banks, consultant companies, national and multinational commercial companies, legal offices, recording studios and airlines.
By leveraging the vast repository of configuration information in ECM's CCDB, organizations can quickly conduct a pre-deployment assessment to ensure machines are configured correctly and minimum requirements are met prior to installing patches.
ECM's CCDB is built on SQL Server and leverages SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS) to deliver advanced information about security, compliance and operations including drill down remediation support within the tool's graphical charts.