CCDBCell Centered Database
CCDBColorado Criminal Defense Bar
CCDBConsolidated Counterdrug Database
CCDBCredit Card Database (website)
CCDBCrop Composition Database (International Life Sciences Institute)
CCDBCampbelltown Camden District Band (NSW, Australia)
CCDBCurrent Carrier Database (insurance)
CCDBCommon Cryptologic Database
CCDBCommon Case Database
CCDBControl of Cell Death B (gene)
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According to CCDB records, 595 interactions were recorded from January through October 2008, or approximately 60 contacts per month, which ranged from short responses to questions received by telephone or email to in-depth research referrals.
increased utilization of the CCDB to record activities and time spent on liaison work
Potential campus departments for new liaison assignments were again reviewed and selected based on perceived departmental need and CCDB data.
The CCDB consistently reported only two expenditure categories for both counties and cities over the 1960-80 period, education and highway spending (no expenditure data for counties was reported for 1990).
The CCDB reports more detailed expenditure data for cities than for suburbs.
ECM's CCDB offers deep configuration information that provides a wealth of configuration settings for management applications that require this level of configuration knowledge.
By leveraging the vast repository of configuration information in ECM's CCDB, organizations can quickly conduct a pre-deployment assessment to ensure machines are configured correctly and minimum requirements are met prior to installing patches.
Genetic vouchers generated were deposited in the CCDB under the accession numbers listed in Table 1.
ECM's CCDB is built on SQL Server and leverages SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS) to deliver advanced information about security, compliance and operations including drill down remediation support within the tool's graphical charts.
Implementing a CCDB policy management approach enables IT managers to make informed policy decisions rather than creating and distributing policies "in the dark" based on the system state that they think exists.