CCDICentral Commission for Discipline Inspection (China)
CCDICollege Committee on Disability Issues (Canada)
CCDICape Craft Design Institute (est. 2001; South Africa)
CCDIChinese Child Developmental Inventory
CCDICharge-Coupled Device Imaging
CCDICell Culture Derived Immunogen
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The CCDI will fight corruption in selection and appointment of officials, government approval and supervision, resource exploitation, finance, and other key areas prone to corruption.
In his report to the three-day Plenum of the CCDI, presided by Xi Jinping in January 2015, Wang Qishan emphasized the links between corruption and key wrongdoings such as forming factions and cliques.
The CCDI said it will disclose more cases in the next few weeks.
Asked if the CCDI had an estimate of the amount of wealth and assets that had been taken out of the country, Liu told M AIL T ODAY that security authorities and the bank had " launched a joint campaign to crack down on underground banking and money laundering", and were still assessing the amount.
CCDI said in February it was targeting 26 of China's biggest state firms for inaugural inspections this year.
The Party's enforcement agency is the CCDI, and the Party also has a legal interpretation organ, which is usually the Organization Department, or the CPC General Office.
Those on the list are mainly low-level officials, ranging from village chiefs to head of the local police station, the CCDI said in a statement, adding that punishments range from warnings to dismissals.
Through its draconian authority over the 91 million party members, the CCDI covers almost every aspect of the Chinese government and administration.
28, and the CCDI abolished 37 and nullified 28 of 476 rules introduced by it since 1978.
China has made fighting corruption a key aim, with President Xi Jinping telling the CCDI -- the ruling Communist Party's internal corruption watchdog and a powerful internal organ -- that there would be "no leniency" against wrongdoing.
com/news/world-asia-china-35741357) media reports , which cited a statement published by the CCDI on its website, 200,000 party members were given "light punishment" for corruption, while 82,000 received "heavy punishment.
Visitors are allowed to see ex-officials, including their former leaders and colleagues convicted on corruption charges, so that they are "aware of wrongdoings involving corruption, correctly exercise their powers and actively receive supervision from the [Communist] Party [of China]," CCDI said on Sunday.