CCDOCommunity Capacity Development Office (US DOJ)
CCDOCanadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupations (Canada Department of Manpower and Immigration)
CCDOCertificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives (construction; UK)
CCDOConstant Coefficient Differential Operator (differential analysis)
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At least in the near term, the electronic structures and use cases defined for HITECH are likely to be most broadly available within any community of hospital and physician participants in a CCDO.
Abstract: Human Resources Development Canada (now Human Resources and Social Development) developed in the early 1990s a classification of occupations having a more sociologically sensitive major groups structure than older codes such as the CCDO of the 1970s or the SOC of the 1980s.
The CCDO was a bete noire for John Porter (Pineo, 1981:621), and along with Pineo and McRoberts, Porter devised his own scale of major groups (Pineo, Porter and McRoberts, 1977) which remained popular during the 1980s.
Table 1 The Sampled Occupations with Corresponding Blishen Scores CCDO Blishen Socio- Number Description economic Score 3113 Dentists 101.
For example, Farmers, Other Farming, Fishing, Forestry, and Mining classifications were combined into the broader CCDO Primary occupations category because of the small number of women in the sub-occupations.
EuroDOCSIS gives us a level of flexibility unparalleled in Germany," Hans Wolfert, CCDO of PrimaCom added.