CCDRComissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional (Portugal)
CCDRCanada Communicable Disease Report (Relevé des maladies transmissibles au Canada)
CCDRCombatant Commander
CCDRCanadian Customer Debt Relief
CCDRCentre of Competence for Disaster Reduction (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
CCDRContractor Critical Design Review (NASA)
CCDRContractor Cost Data Requirement
CCDRCadre de Concertation de Développement Rural (French)
CCDRCertified Copy of Driving Record
CCDRContractor Cost Data Report/ing
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The make and use tables are then used to calculate the CCDR matrix.
Services the CCDR provides for investigator-initiated studies include: literature searches, preparation of grant applications and applications for regulatory agencies (IRB, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, FDA, etc), as well as protocol design, statistical design and analysis, budget preparation, identification of funding sources, and database development for clinical outcomes trials.
Specifically, the IPR presented a CCDR with a direct line to the SecDef to share the resource shortcomings and risk of a given plan.
Apportionment provides force inventory, availability and readiness information to CCDRs for planning and assessment of plans.
96) Generally, the ACSA PM will conduct a signing ceremony where the CCDR and foreign representative sign and conclude the ACSA.
CCDRs should not be limited to the use of A-ISR capabilities resident in their regionally aligned aerial exploitation battalion (AEB).
76) In contrast, minimal cost HCA is a small-scale, modest HCA activity conducted incidental to an authorized military operation costing less than $10,000, requiring approval by the cognizant geographic CCDR, and funded with O&M funds other than those funds specifically appropriated by Congress for HCA.
For example, pulling someone knowledgeable about telephone systems will not help a CCDR who is looking for an expert in SCADA.
As a result of game play, the DDC proved to be an invaluable asset to the CCDR by providing uninterrupted sustainment flow from the seaport of debarkation (SPOD) and the aerial port of debarkation (APOD) in support of ground, naval, and air operations.
The Army Campaign Support Plan FY2014-2019 states, "Through RAF implementation, the Army will provide the means to achieve GEF-directed end-states through the provision of versatile, agile, globally responsive, and regionally engaged forces in support of CCDR objectives.
The CCDR assesses the environment and the command's ability to influence change within the guidance, authorities, and available resources.
The current centralized practice works well for operations led at the CCDR level but limits the Air Force's ability to respond (other than through ad hoc means) to situations requiring decision authority below this level.