CCECCoos Curry Electric Cooperative (est. 1939; Oregon)
CCECCentre for Coastal Environmental Conservation (Bangladesh)
CCECCouncil of Community Education Committees
CCECCrisscross Error Correction
CCECCobo Conference/Exhibition Center (Detroit, Michigan)
CCECCreekside Conference and Event Center (Gahanna, OH)
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The Coca-Cola Company is not a participant in the foreign proceedings (rather, only its subsidiary CCEC is a participant in the foreign proceeding);
With perfect synergies between CCEC and ITES, we look forward to playing a leading role in serving our local schools and communities with our expertise and resources in international education.
According to Scott Handy, Assistant General Manager of CCEC, it is imperative that you "appoint a project manager and remove all other responsibilities from that person for the term of the project.
further discussion with CCEC regarding the contract renewal and they
CCEC is the first power company in North Dakota to install the MicroTurbine, which is a revolutionary 30 kW stand-alone generator.
CCEC can get the prior carbon emission rights and sell them to the buyer
They have demonstrated to us a track record of effectively introducing undiscovered companies to the Street and we look forward to working with CCEC in achieving the same for GRKA.
entered into by and between CCEC and CPG on 23 March 2009 and which comes into
More information on CCEC can be found on the web site at http://www.
Besides that, for extending the business, CCEC raised A[pounds sterling]15 million from the