CCECCChina Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (est. 1979; China)
CCECCCenter for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption
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WAPDA Chairman Zafar Mahmood, Members of the Authority, CCECC Acting President Hao Xizhong, CCECC Assistant President Wang Xiangdong and Dasu Project authorities were present on the occasion.
An official with the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, or CCECC, told Agence France-Presse that the victims were driving into a worksite at 10:30 a.
These public bodies are required to report suspicious transactions to the CCECC.
7 million in MCC assistance, Moldova seeks to reduce corruption in the public sector through judicial reform, reform of health care, tax, customs and police agencies, and reform of the CCECC.
Money laundering crimes are the purview of the CCECC, while narcotics-related seizures are within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Interior (MOI).
CCECC was initially scheduled to complete phase one in 36 months and have it commissioned by 2015, but because of funding delays the deadline is likely to be missed.
CCECC is to review the plans for the project, and will promote them to Chinese financial institutions which could provide funding.
CCECC had earlier in 2012 been given the deal, which was later cancelled by the Government.
The 10-month commissioned project-awarded to Nigeria's Messrs CNR Darling Locomotives, Rolling Stock Limited and CCECC Nigeria Limited-comes on the heels of the country's 25-year plan to modernize the Nigerian railway system facilitating the creation of new jobs and implementing routine training for Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) employees.