CCEEConseil des Conférences Episcopales Européennes (Switzerland)
CCEECâmara de Comercialização de Energia Elétrica
CCEEConsilium Conferentiarum Episcoporum Europae (Council of European Bishops' Conferences)
CCEEConsiglio delle Conferenze Episcopali Europee
CCEECalifornia Council on Economic Education
CCEEConformity Certification of Electrical Equipment
CCEECivil, Construction & Environmental Engineering
CCEEColorado Council on Economic Education
CCEECarolina Center for Educational Excellence
CCEECounter Code Enterprise Edition
CCEEComite de Construcción de Espacios Educativos
CCEECommunity Council for Ethnocultural Equity
CCEECentralized Common Entrance Examination
CCEECaledonian Centre for Engineering Education
CCEECountries of Central & Eastern Europe
CCEECanadian Consumer Electronics Exposition
CCEECouncil of Catholic Episcopal Conferences in Europe
CCEECenter for Continuing Engineering Education
CCEECommunity Collaboration for Education Enrichment
CCEEClassic Car Engineering Europe
CCEECumulative Canadian Exploration Expenses
CCEEChristian Community Extended Education
CCEECardozo Code of Elevator Ethics
CCEECommon Central Entrance Exam
CCEEConsilium Conferentiarum Episcorum Europae
CCEECommunity College Economics Educators
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11-13] However, since methanol has been considered to be more toxic compared with ethanol, the study will try to evaluate the effects of CCEE in normoglycemic mice.
The data considered were the weekly DSP prices of the light load of the Brazilian South region in the period from the first week of July 2001 to the fourth week of April 2014, which included a total of 673 observations obtained through the CCEE website.
O Preco de Liquidacao das Diferencas (PLD) e o valor utilizado, no ambito da CCEE, para liquidar as diferencas apuradas entre contratacao e geracao ou consumo no mercado de curto prazo (mes findo).
O agio surge devido a necessidade dos agentes fecharem seus balancos mes a mes devido a uma regra de mercado que impoe penalidades severas caso contrario (569,59 R$/MWh segundo as regras de mercado da CCEE em 2008).
The European inter-confessional dialogue has been strongly intensified through the tight cooperation of the CEC and the CCEE.
The bilateral power purchase agreements are negotiated freely between two agents without the interference of the CCEE.
En definitiva, las CCEE, hasta mediados de los anos '80, no constituian mas que una forma imperfecta de union aduanera (Cecchini, 1988).
Variedades de la representacion en la ciencia y la filosofia, Ariel/Facultad de Filosofia y CCEE, Barcelona, 2000 (Ariel Practicum).
One can understand the indignation of Stroba, a former vice president of CCEE, who in planning meetings had opposed the whole concept of an "enlarged" symposium.
According to the decision, ANEEL has periodically monitored the management of accounts and sectoral funds by the CCEE, including the CAFTs and that, in order to evaluate the budget proposal, it was considered not only the estimate presented by the CCEE, but also the analysis of the monitoring for the CAFTs carried out until the closure of the 3rd quarter of 2017.
OXFORD, England -- In "The Vatican takes over European bishops" (NCR, March 5), I described how the Vatican brought CCEE -- Latin acronym for the Council of European Bishops' Conferences -- to heel.