CCERChina Center for Economic Research (Peking University, Beijing, China)
CCERCentre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research
CCERCatholic Commission for Employment Relations (Australia)
CCERCenter for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation (Washington state)
CCERCoordinadora Civil para la Emergencia y la Reconstrucción (Spanish: Civil Coordinator for Emergency and Reconstruction; Managua, Nicaragua)
CCERCenter-Commissioned External Review
CCERCenter for Community Economic Research (California)
CCERCouncil for Community and Economic Research
CCERCenter for Combustion and Environmental Research (Colorado)
CCERCENTRIXS Cross Enclave Requirement
CCERCalifornia Coalition for Educational Renewal
CCERCommunity Choices for Economic Renewal (New York state)
CCERCommand and Control of the Enemy Rear
CCERCardiff Centre for Educational Research (United Kingdom)
CCERCentre de Contrôle d'Essai et Réception (French: Air traffic control center specialized in test flights)
CCERCanadian Coalition for Electronic Rights (Canada)
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The CCER said it will take escalatory steps following its press conference, to force the government to consider their requests.
Assessment plans need to be considered, including the utilization of the CCER ISA exam direct assessment scores mapped to detailed performance measures of the outcome.
It has been just nine months since the first round of CCER grants was distributed, and already we are seeing that money contribute to economic growth, particularly through a better prepared workforce," said Sam Harrell, CCER Program Manager at Nonprofit Finance Fund.
Justin Yifu Lin, CCER, "China and the World Economy"
Despite the myriad of electoral proposals that have been suggested as alternatives to the current electoral system, which closely resembles one instituted in 1960, a senior CCER official told The Daily Star that no major reforms are likely to be passed before 2013.
The CCER has drafted an electoral proposal, but it is competing with legislation drafted by Interior Minister Marwan Charbel.
Lixing Li, CCER, "Land Titling in China: the Chengdu Experiment and Its Consequences"
Miaojie Yu, CCER, "Processing Trade, Productivity, and Firm Scope"
The CCER voices regret over attempts staged by some political parties and media outlets to circumvent the proportional representation system by endorsing unfair proposals that do not ensure just representation, to say the least," said Osama Safa, secretary-general of the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, part of the CCER activist coalition.
Yiping Huang, CCER, "China's Asymmetric Market Liberalization and Its Consequences"
0%, chiefly due to greater volumes of energy sold to large industrial consumers; energy supply to power distribution companies contracted via the energy auctions (with prices updated by the 2006 IPCA); energy purchase contracts - CCER with small power distributors; and short-term energy sales in the scope of the Electricity Sales Chamber - CCEE.
In tandem with the draft parliamentary law, which suggests a broad range of reforms, CCER also released a draft law on the formation of an independent electoral commission that would govern local and municipal elections.