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CCFLCold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
CCFLCodex Committee on Food Labelling (EU)
CCFLCenter on Children, Families and the Law (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
CCFLCompanhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa (Carris)
CCFLCountercurrent Flow Limitation
CCFLCamcorders for Lesbians (The Man Show, 1999)
CCFLCommunauté de Communes Fumélois Lémance (French: Fumélois Lémance Community of Communes; Fumel, France)
CCFLCommunauté de Communes de Forez en Lyonnais (French municipal consortium)
CCFLCenter for Lifelong Learning
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It was decided to replace the current CCFL backlights by light-emitting diodes which have lower power consumption.
Competitive landscape including the market shares of various manufacturers in Europe in each of the energy efficient lamps categories except CCFL.
The contract to be concluded within the framework of the consultation takes the form of a purchase-order contract with one holder and with quantities defined number of sessions as indicated in the contract and the CCFL.
LED models are brighter, more power efficient and have thinner profiles, but they are also much more expensive than their CCFL counterparts, which explains the market disparity between the two flat-panel LCD technologies, the director explained.
It is not news that LED backlighting is becoming increasingly more popular versus CCFL.
7 million colors, 25 msec response time, and 50,000 hr CCFL life, and required starting voltage of 1,500 Vac, it provides uniform, high-resolution lighting.
Compared to the company's previous models using CCFL, no changes have been made to the new modules' height and width, or to where signal input connectors are connected, making replacement easy.
Reference Design for up to 180 Watt LCD TV Power Supplies Utilizes Microsemi Corporation's CCFL Inverter Controller and Supports ENERGY STAR[R] 3.
Total quantity or scope: The amounts are given in the CCFL and Radio France is engaged on the contract minimum, the Holder to the maximum.
Such TVs will be priced at only 30% higher than conventional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) models, to ignite price wars in Taiwan.
JKL Components Corporation's CCFL designer kit, JKL# GB-WI, contains an array of cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) inverters, molded end caps, connectors, high voltage wire and heater wire.