CCFMCanadian Council of Forest Ministers
CCFMCentre Culturel Franco-Mozambicain (French: Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center; Mozambique)
CCFMCanadian Council of Furniture Manufacturers
CCFMColumbia City Farmers Market (Washington)
CCFMCommand Console Fleet Monitor
CCFMCommunications-Computer Systems Facility Manager
CCFMCertified Church Facilities Manager
CCFMConference for Catholic Facilities Management
CCFMConvective Cloud Field Model (atmospheric science)
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Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, ATP will pay CCFM an aggregate sum of up to $9.
In addition, CCFM has agreed to sell to ATP its collateral management rights and responsibilities arising after the sale relating to the Alesco I through IX securitizations, which represent $3.
Bassett's recommendations, however, were supported enthusiastically by the CCFM, which called for action at the provincial level: "If the Ontario Government moves strongly into the lead with a film development agency supported by quotas and levy, they will look progressive and capable of responding to the changing needs of the Province.
This was a huge victory for Drabinsky who had become a major "player" in the industry and succeeded where the CCFM and others had failed.
CCFM managers believe that livestock harvesting should be done closer to where the cattle are raised.
The most important obstacle for CCFM is to find an existing cutting and distribution facility that met the standards of extreme safety they were looking for.
The report also confirmed what the CCFM had been saying all along: "93 per cent of total distribution rentals from the Canadian box office were being paid to the Hollywood majors.
This new breed of "producer" was not concerned with the priorities of the CCFM and its "Winnipeg Manifesto.
Innes said they found there "is a lack of understanding and a lack of buy-in to the fundamental principles of sustainable forest management as listed by the CCFM.
and a spokesman for CCFM, noted that many Canadian furniture plants have been closing and residents have lost their jobs because of the influx of less-expensive Chinese-made furniture.
What the industry needs is time to adjust, which is exactly the objective of the filing we have made with the CITT," the CCFM said in a statement.
The CCFM is granted a hearing before the Royal Commission on Corporate Concentration; however, no federal inquiry is called to investigate charges that Famous Players and Odeon work in collusion to block the exhibition of Canadian films.