CCFRPMCentrifugally Cast, Fiberglass-Reinforced, Polymer Mortar
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The following example is used to illustrate key differences between B-303 and CCFRPM pipe.
CCFRPM Pipe is a less dense and less rigid system than B-303 pipe.
CCFRPM Pipe yielded lower stresses and higher deflections in finite element analysis than did the B-303 pipe with the same inside diameter subjected to the same internal pressure and external loading conditions.
CCFRPM Pipe is a viable alternative for large diameter pipe under pressure applications
Using Hobas CCFRPM pipe, we can fabricate a wide range of fittings such as T-base manholes, elbows and reducers.
CCFRPM is inherently corrosion resistant and lasts 100 years or more.
Product Name Type of Pipe Pipe Available Diameter lengths CCFRPM fiberglass 18" - 120" 5',10' 20'