CCFVCornwall Centre for Volunteers (UK)
CCFVCardamine Chlorotic Fleck Virus (microbiology)
CCFVChild Care Fund of Vermont (est. 1995)
CCFVClosed Circuit Flightline Video
CCFVCommunity Coalition on Family Violence (Knoxville, TN)
CCfVCanadian Centre for Vaccinology (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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CCFV is Philadelphia's largest and longest operating production facility, currently celebrating its 30th year.
According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, police work and CCFV decreased campus crime at the University of Pennsylvania by 32 percent between 1996 and 2002.
Creative Services Greg Vermette, Editor-CCFV Joe Keefe, Creative Director of On-Air Promotion Susan Devers, CCFV Non-News Promotional Announcement-Single Spot - "Fright Night" Craig Fleming, Producer Greg Vermette, Editor-CCFV Larry Watzman, V.