CCGGCanadian Coalition for Good Governance (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CCGGCanadian Clay Glass Gallery (silica artwork)
CCGGCalifornia Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics
CCGGC, Cytosine; G, Guanine
CCGGCarbon Cycle Greenhouse Gas (US NOAA)
CCGGConsultative Council on Good Governance (Malaysia)
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Regulations are only minimum standards," said Michael Wilson, CCGG chair and former federal finance minister, in his address to the coalition's annual meeting last June.
The full list of CCGG guidelines is on their website, but they also include:
The work of audit committees is critical to the restoration of confidence in Canadian capital markets," state the CCGG guidelines.
While this was not the case during the Melnyk years, today Biovail is in full or substantial compliance with 98% of the CCGG corporate governance guidelines' minimum standards.
We are pleased that the CCGG has selected CP to receive the award for 2009.
Serum Haplotype %fPSA log10 hK2, ng/mL (rs198972, rs198977, rs198978, rs80050017) Frequency [beta] P [beta] P CCGG 0.
CCGG has developed principles of executive compensation for public companies and will be monitoring 2009 proxy compensation disclosure by Canada's major public companies on behalf of its members.
We hope to see a closer alignment of compensation practices with the long-term interests of shareholders, and the recognition of the important link between executive compensation plans and the risks assumed by companies," said Stephen Griggs, Executive Director of CCGG.