CCHACanadian Craft & Hobby Association
CCHACaswell County Historical Association (est. 1956; Yanceyville, NC)
CCHACatalyst Communities Housing Association (London, UK)
CCHACanadian Chiropractic Historical Association
CCHACentral Collegiate Hockey Association
CCHACommunity College Humanities Association
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Stortz, "Thomas Joseph Dowling: The First 'Canadian' Bishop of Hamilton, 1889-1924," CCHA Historical Studies, 54 (1987): 93-107.
Smallwood, and Rights in Newfoundland Denominational Education, 1948," CCHA Historical Studies 65 (1999), 30-32.
Lastly, the conference dummies suggested that teams in the WCHA, HEA, and ECAC conferences tend to earn greater revenues per game in comparison to the base case of the CCHA.
According to the CCHA website, the Community College Humanities Association (CCHA), founded in 1979, is the only national organization of its kind for humanities faculty and administrators in two-year colleges.
CCHA manage a housing stock of over 2,500 properties and employ some 100 staff over 3 locations.
On a donc d'un cote les CSCH Historical Papers et de l'autre les CCHA Historical Studies, tout portant a croire que les articles de la Canadian Catholic Historical Association sont beaucoup plus << confessionnels >> que ceux de la Canadian Society of Church History (10).
Kieko and Laura noted that the WHA had already been in touch with David Berry of the CCHA and had sent materials for their most recent conference in San Antonio.
In late spring 2007, I was accepted into a CCHA (Community College Humanities Association)-sponsored, NEH-funded research institute at the Library of Congress on the topic "American Cities and Public Spaces.
John's, Newfoundland, 1953-1955: CCHA Historical Studies, v.
Rangers (from Florida), Lee Falardeau, C, Michigan State, CCHA.
Last year CCHA invited population-reductionist David Suzuki (who hates Catholic teaching on contraception with a passion) to be their keynote speaker at their annual meeting; this year, 2001, CCHA invited proabortion, former Ontario NDP leader Stephen Lewis whose last contribution as deputy executive director of UNICEF was a biased report against the Catholic Church in Rwanda (see C.