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However, once a woman has given birth to an infant with autoimmune-mediated CCHB, the recurrence rate of CCHB in subsequent pregnancies jumps to 15%.
The mechanism for CCHB in patients exposed to maternal antibodies is transplacental autoimmune injury to the fetal atrioventricular node, where Ro and La antigens abound.
The prenatal, postnatal, and long-term follow-up of patients with CCHB due to maternal autoantibodies remains a work in progress.
From 2009 - 2012, the Foundation and CCHB have been involved in a legal dispute regarding future operational control of the facility.
One case currently being litigated relates to a local bill that would provide for a change in the structure of the Foundation's board of directors, which would grant control of the Foundation to the CCHB.
Furthermore, the CCHB began withholding tax revenue from CMH in 2009.
increased legal fees, negative impact on patient or medical staff recruitment, etc) from the dispute between CCHB and CMH.