CCHNColorado Community Health Network
CCHNChautauqua County Health Network (Jamestown, NY)
CCHNCommunity and Child Health Network (est. 2003)
CCHNChinese Cultural Heritage Network (Beijing, China)
CCHNChildren's Christian Hunger Network
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PCHH teams from CCHN have been established at the CHCs and are actively implementing PCHH transformation.
As Colorado's PCA, CCHN offers a variety of technical assistance, much of which is tailored to the individual needs of the CHC.
The technical assistance CCHN offers also includes document review, readiness assessment review, and gap analysis documents to identify areas of improvement.
CCHN has encouraged development of a culture of data that includes a statewide plan to collect, analyze, and share patient experience data and clinical outcomes data.
CCHN hosts monthly coaching and conference calls around the use of data to drive quality improvement processes, track the impact of improvements, and monitor sustainability.
CCHN will work with CHCs on the integration of special populations and social determinants of health into QI activities and ensure needs are addressed through PCHH transformation.
Table 2 Computation of the Cost of Capital for Foreign Direct Investment (Under Various Policy Options) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Observation CCDC CCWC CCHN CCHD 1961 0.