CCHRICalifornia Cooperative Healthcare Reporting Initiative
CCHRIComputerized Criminal History Record Information (Pennsylvania)
CCHRICalifornia Cooperative HEDIS Reporting Initiative
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CCHRI has selected Thomson Medstat as the technical partner to manage the data aggregation process and will be working with Lumetra, California's Quality Improvement Organization, to develop tools and programs that will assist physicians in using the information to drive improvements in their medical practices.
In addition to CCHRI, high marks for Kaiser Permanente's quality of care and service have come in recent days from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
Under the terms of the 56-month change order, Unisys will work with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to revamp the current CCHRI infrastructure to accelerate the flow of vital police information between law enforcement jurisdictions.
In measuring clinical quality, CCHRI uses a standardized set of Health Plan Employer Data.
These findings demonstrate how performance measurement and public reporting can stimulate quality improvement efforts," said Peter Lee, president and CEO of Pacific Business Group on Health, which manages CCHRI.
The CCHRI is a statewide collaborative of health plans, large employers and healthcare providers.
The new CCHRI and the existing statewide message switch provided by Unisys for the Pennsylvania State Police provide two essential components for Pennsylvania's law enforcement and security operations.
Hyatt, MD, a member of the CCHRI Executive Committee and assistant associate medical director for the Southern California (Kaiser) Permanente Medical Group, one of the participating provider groups in CCHRI.
California's health plans and medical groups have worked together in CCHRI to standardize the measurement of patient experience at the medical group level," said David Hopkins, PhD, Director of Quality Measurement and Improvement at PBGH and manager of CCHRI.
CCHRI is the only independent entity that produces a "California report card" of HMO performance scores on a variety of clinical, member satisfaction and access measures.
As consumers make coverage selections for 2002, the Consumer Assessment Survey strongly supplements the information CCHRI already provides on health plans.