CCHTCertified Clinical Hypnotherapist
CCHTCare Coordination Home Telehealth (US Department of Veterans Affairs)
CCHTCanadian Centre for Housing Technology (est. 1998; Ontario, Canada)
CCHTCourant Continu Haute Tension (French: High Voltage Direct Current)
CCHTCertified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician
CCHTCowboy Capital Horse Trader
CCHTCompleted Call Holding Time
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This is a prospective, randomized, assessor--blind comparative trial of CCHT with LNG-IUS and other regimens in women receiving postmenopausal HT, based on mammographic density measurements.
Les noms des recipiendaires seront publies dans un numero de Labour/Le Travail et les noms des laureats et des laureates des annees precedentes seront inscrits sur le site Web du CCHT.
Several studies in the field have also assessed the effect of the VA CCHT program on health services utilization [10,21].
VHA now has CCHT programs in all 21 regional administrative units (Veterans Integrated Services Networks).
CCHT is home to a unique facility of identical two-story R-2000 houses (R-2000 is an official trademark of Natural Resources Canada).
FCT's five-kilowatt fuel cell system will be installed at the CCHT in early 2004.
CCHT believes it is the only heat treater in the southeast to operate this type of equipment.
The front side of the CCHT Twin Research Houses, as shown in Figure 2, faced south with a window area of 16.
CCHT operates facilities in Reidsville, North Carolina; Fountain Inn, South Carolina; Morristown, Tennessee; and Conyers, Georgia.
Fung: Since this is only a case study for "typical" new single detached housing in Canada, a representative CCHT House located in Ottawa was used for the analysis.
All of the employees of the Athens, Alabama, facility are expected to remain with CCHT after the acquisition.
The house is based on the design of the CCHT houses (CCHT 2004) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.