CCICCanadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids
CCICCoalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics
CCICCanadian Council for International Cooperation
CCICConsolidated Contractors International Company
CCICColorado Crime Information Center
CCICChina Chamber of International Commerce
CCICClimate Change Information Center (South Korea)
CCICCaracle Creek International Consulting Inc (Sudbury, ON, Canada)
CCICCommittee On Computing, Information, and Communications
CCICConsultative Council of Islamic Courts (Somalia)
CCICCentre Catholique International de Coopération Avec l'UNESCO (French: International Catholic Centre for Cooperation with UNESCO)
CCICCouncil of Commercial and Industrial Chambers (Saudi Arabia)
CCICCertified Chiropractic Insurance Consultant
CCICConnecticut Citizens for Immigration Control
CCICChina Commodity Inspection Corporation
CCICCommunauté de Communes de l'Isle-Crémieu (French: Isle-Crémieu Community of Communes; Villemoirieu, France)
CCICCentre de Conférences Internationales de Cluny (French: Cluny International Conference Center; Cluny, France)
CCICCroatian Club for International Cooperation
CCICCalifornia Casualty Insurance Company
CCICCatalysts & Chemicals Industries Co., Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan)
CCICComprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre (UK)
CCICCork Citizens Information Centre (Ireland)
CCICChina Certification and Inspection Company
CCICCentral California Intelligence Center (Sacramento, CA)
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Last month, a diagnostic study was conducted jointly by Ministry of Textiles and CCIC team on the products being made in Kutch, the needs of artisans and how these products can be better marketed.
We are very happy with Urban Decay's decision and appreciate that they came through with what we needed for recertification,"said CCIC chair Sue Lean,'
Among those who have lost funding are a number of women's organizations, such as the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, and international development agencies, such as Kairos, as well as groups more known for their policy and leadership work such as the Canadian Policy Research Network, the Canadian Council for Social Development, and CCIC.
For more information call Sade Songowawa at CCIC on 07748 644864 or e-mail info@culturescic.
Plastic scrap is supposed to pass pre-shipment CCIC (China Certification and Inspection Co.
We ensure all of our communications meet the CCIC standards as well as our own stringent guidelines for communications.
Another Catholic organization, the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) has also entered the fray as a member of the CCIC (Canadian Council for International Co-operation).
The CCIC the successor to the now defunct European Coal and Steel Community Consultative Committee, and located within the European Economic and Social Committee remarks in a preliminary Opinion now under preparation that enlargement will mean the EU steel industry will "present itself in a different form on the world market".
A consortium made up of Grinaker-LTA, Aveng's 63% owned Australian subsidiary McConnell Dowell and CCIC of Greece recently won an EPIC contract from South African Coal, Oil and Gas Company Ltd.
People like Al Lynch, who started the Clark County Action Committee, the forerunner to the CCIC, and Percy Malone stepped forward.
Fitch will withdraw issuance ratings at CCIC and GS V once the debt obligations have been fully repaid.
The offshore notes will be issued by CCIC, and will constitute unsecured and unsubordinated obligations, ranking pari passu with all other present and future obligations of CCIC.