CCIC2SCombatant Commanders Integrated Command and Control System (formerly N/UWSS)
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The CCIC2S Communications Processing System upgrades are part of the Integrated Space Command and Control (ISC2) contract to modernize and integrate 40 systems inside the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station.
CCIC2S provides comprehensive command and control capabilities to support existing and future North American Aerospace Defense and U.
The advanced technology implemented in this CCIC2S Spiral 2 enterprise system accurately and quickly depicts tactical and strategic missile threats posed by modern day weapon systems, providing Commanders new capabilities to identify threats and coordinate responses across forces.
When completely deployed, CCIC2S will be a "virtual command center," where operators can effortlessly reach across the full spectrum of the nation's space and strategic assets.
The key to the ISC2 program is integration across a common architecture, which is why this first deployment of CCIC2S is so critical to the program," said James.