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CCIDChip/Smart Card Interface Devices
CCIDCoordinating Center for Infectious Diseases (formerly known as the National Center for Infectious Diseases)
CCIDChina Center for Information Industry Development
CCIDCommunity Colleges for International Development
CCIDCoalition Combat Identification
CCIDCenter for Complex Infectious Diseases (Rosemead California)
CCIDCredit Card Identification
CCIDConfidential Chemicals Identification System
CCIDCall Correlation Identifier (Sprint-ATM)
CCIDCorporate Customer Information Database
CCIDChambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de la Dordogne (French: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dordogne; Dordogne, France)
CCIDCampus Computing Identification (various universities; Canada)
CCIDComputers, Communications & Information Dissemination
CCIDCharging Circuit Interrupting Device
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CCID Consulting reports that the sales volume in 2008 reached 161 million sets, lower than 185 million sets as estimated at the beginning of 2008.
The main office of 24 Express will be at the former 7-Eleven Miramar store, also recently acquired by CCID for an undisclosed amount.
In addition, to add value to the survey results, CCID took the survey a step further to investigate the demand for the level of customer services, and the range of services provided by vendors and service providers.
According to the statistics of CCID Consulting, its compound average growth rate was 38% from 2009 to 2011.
0% Total 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Source: CCID Consulting, Dec.
Looking forward to the future, CCID Consulting forecasts the following:
According CCID Consulting, the current growth rate has exceeded 20%, definitely a highlight in the IT applications market.
As an important event in China's semiconductor field, taking the successful experiences of the previous five meetings, IC Market China 2009 was sponsored by the China Semiconductor Industry Association, the China Center for information Industry Development (CCID) and the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association (SICA); and was organized by CCID Consulting Co.
At the event, CCID Consulting delivered two keynote speeches, elaborating on the present situation of China's overall IT market, and key market segments including consumer IT and industry IT, and looking into the development trend of China's IT market.
According to the statistics of CCID Consulting, in the first half of 2012, the sales volume of China's flat panel TV was 16.
According to CCID Consulting, with the surge of the issuing volume of financial IC cards, the industrial concentration will decrease gradually and newcomers may obtain more opportunities.
CCID Consulting's data show that in 2008, IT accounted for the biggest part of investment among the three parts, reaching 70%, while server procurement accounted for 50% of the IT investment.