CCIIChina Coal Information Institute (est. 1959; State Administration of Coal Mining Safety; China)
CCIICommunity Capital Investment Initiative (Alliance for Community Development; San Francisco, CA)
CCIICapital Corporation Image Institution (China)
CCIICanadian Coalition for Influenza Immunization
CCIIClimate Change and the Insurance Industry (project; EU)
CCIIContacts Cercle Industriel Industries (French: Contact Industrial Circle Industries; graduating student job placement; Catholic University of Louvain)
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According to Wei, "We've shown that CCII is a promising alternative therapeutic strategy that may be used as a nutritional supplement against rheumatoid arthritis".
CCII is registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).
CCII capitalizes costs incurred in connection with potential new licenses until a license is awarded or CCII determines it will not be successful in obtaining a license.
Unlike other distributors, CCII stands alone as a marketing company in this niche for several reasons -- its ability to acquire high caliber celebrities, and the key alliances it has forged with industry leaders.
CCII"), a former subsidiary of CCI, and the recognition of deferred income from the receipt of CCII warrants, offset by an increase in interest expense due to an increase in the effective interest rate on the bank loan.
The CCII represents a broad coalition of business, community, governmental, and environmental groups forging a new paradigm that simultaneously embraces: -- Smart growth to develop under-served inner city neighborhoods convenient to transportation hubs and work force.
announced March 14, ICO-Teledesic Global, through its affiliate New ICO, and CCII will work together on technical, financial, business and regulatory issues to build a spectrum-efficient satellite communications system.
On April 21, 1994, CCII declared a 3-for-2 stock split by way of stock dividend paid on May 13, 1994.
CCII wrote off $83,000 and $45,000 in 1993 and 1992, respectively, in connection with unsuccessful efforts to obtain licenses.
CCII will be able to leverage its experience in selling and underwriting insurance through its full-service insurance agency, Countrywide Insurance Services Inc.
As of today's date, neither CCII nor Newco has received any official notice from the Italian government.
Ginsberg, Chairman and President of CCII commented, "OPI has generated year to date EBITDA of 966 billion lire (approximately $578 million at current exchange rates.