CCIPSComputer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
CCIPSComputer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (Justice Department)
CCIPSCanadian Council for International Peace and Security
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Given the global nature of Internet-related crimes, CCIPS and CEOS must work with many other countries to achieve effective prosecution of cases involving cyber crime, organized Internet piracy and Internet-related child exploitation.
CCIPS, DOJ, The National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996: Legislative Analysis, 2 Electronic Info.
Criminal Division, DOJ) (describing recent initiatives of CCIPS targeting online piracy, fraud and illicit peer-to-peer network file sharing) [hereinafter Parsky I.
The files may be encrypted, misleadingly titled, stored in unusual file formats, or commingled with millions of unrelated, innocuous and even statutorily protected files (USA CCIPS, pp.
CCIPS (2001) 'Field Guidance on New Authorities that Relate to Computer Crime and Electronic Evidence Enacted in the USA Patriot Act of 2001' <http://www.
As a part of the program, CCIPS is also encouraging computer experts in the business world to go to schools and tell young computer enthusiasts that hacking is not cool; that it is destructive.
See CCIPS, supra note 1, Chapter VIII: Theft of Commercial
See CCIPS, supra note l, Chapter VIII: Theft of Commercial
The initiative began in 1995 as an initiative by CCIPS.
No employee of the Department will use the pen register authority to collect URLs without first consulting with the CCIPS of the Criminal Division.
Attorney's Manual, Orin Kerr, an expert on electronic surveillance and a former trial attorney at CCIPS, states that to his knowledge (as of early 2003), based on speaking with a number of experienced government attorneys, the government has never requested a pen registration order that revealed
See CCIPS, Chapter VIII: Theft of Commercial Trade Secrets,