CCIRSCurrency and Interest Rate Swaps
CCIRSCredit Contingent Interest Rate Swap
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The use of CCIRS enables instructors and students to overcome the previous hardware and software limitations of IRS.
Game-based competitive activities in CCIRS fosters flipped classroom teaching and learning
Researchers have indicated that the flipped classroom method facilitates learning by encouraging students to prepare for classes and by providing them with opportunities to gain knowledge before class (Brame, 2013) and in this study, the researcher found that using CCIRS technology with game activities could foster the application of the flipped classroom approach and also promote student-centered learning (Fardoun et al.
Integrating the game-based CCIRS into a classroom promotes novice learners' learning performance
According to the qualitative data, the learners in the class were all engaged in the CCIRS course activities.
CCIRS with competitive games fosters students' social learning and arouses discussion among peers.
In this study, the researcher attempted to answer the questions of whether the adoption of a cross-device interactive response system could improve students' learning motivation, and whether the integration of CCIRS formed a different classroom teaching and learning pedagogy.
In response to the third research question, the CCIRS system integrating the educational strategy, game-based competition, could be an aid used as reinforcement to support flipped classroom learning.
While the researcher noticed that adopting the game-based elements with CCIRS had the potential for promoting engagement in the classroom, it was also found that the use of the system might delay teaching progress when there is limited time to teach learning contents to students.
Other research issues could include whether students at various educational levels have different perceptions of using CCIRS and how to integrate different teaching pedagogies such as encouraging a learning loop from learners to leaders in the activity on CCIRS.