CCIUChester County Intermediate Unit (Pennsylvania)
CCIUComité Central Israelita del Uruguay (Spanish: Jewish Central Committee of Uruguay)
CCIUComputer Crimes Investigation Unit
CCIUCentral Criminal Investigation Unit (Kosovo)
CCIUCommercial Central Interface Unit.
CCIUCEF control interface unit (US DoD)
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There are some civilian special agents within the specialized units, specifically MPFU and CCIU, however, the bulk of the force is Soldiers, many who have attended advanced programs in law enforcement techniques, criminal investigations, tactics and procedures.
It was good for the folks here at CCIU to get the international recognition for the work we are doing," he added.
Army CID recognized the expanding role of computers in criminal activities and investigations, and provisionally established CCIU as the Computer Crime Investigative Team in January 1998.
In January 2000, CCIU was officially established as a criminal investigative organization within CID.
The CI and security manager is responsible for the overall management of the automated CI system for the CCIU.
In addition, the CI manager is also the CCIU security manager, coordinating intelligence-related activities for CCIU personnel.
A JA's duties also include review of cases still under investigation by the CCIU.
The CCIU members are the law enforcement element at UNMIK.
CCIU improperly used $683,583 of federal Medicaid School Based Access Program funds to make capital improvements to the Downingtown Education Center.
Employees used CCIU credit cards to make at least $12,750 in improper purchases, including $1,600 for a set of golf clubs and $1,700 for 20 cases of wine; and
Dimension Data assisted CCIU in deploying this solution in three phases: data, video conferencing, and most recently IP telephony.
Dimension Data provided expert knowledge and skill in delivering a customized communications system for Chester County's multi-faceted technology needs," said John Branson, CCIU director of educational technology.