CCIUChester County Intermediate Unit (Pennsylvania)
CCIUComité Central Israelita del Uruguay (Spanish: Jewish Central Committee of Uruguay)
CCIUComputer Crimes Investigation Unit
CCIUCentral Criminal Investigation Unit (Kosovo)
CCIUCommercial Central Interface Unit.
CCIUCEF control interface unit (US DoD)
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Army CID recognized the expanding role of computers in criminal activities and investigations, and provisionally established CCIU as the Computer Crime Investigative Team in January 1998.
In January 2000, CCIU was officially established as a criminal investigative organization within CID.
Because investigations of this nature require a specialized level of computer expertise, special agents assigned to CCIU receive advanced computer training from the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and other technical experts.
By its very nature, and due to the rigorous training required, CCIU is made up of civilian special agents.
Since its creation, CCIU has been a key element in the successful prosecution of numerous computer intrusion matters, and has been recognized around the globe.
In addition, the CI manager is also the CCIU security manager, coordinating intelligence-related activities for CCIU personnel.
CCIU also has an in-house attorney, trained and experienced in the technical knowledge of the workings of computers, networks, and programs.
CCIU special agents receive approximately 6 months of preparatory technical training before undertaking independent intrusion investigations.
Since nearly every investigation crosses through multiple jurisdictions, CCIU agents are required to deal with several different investigative agencies in each case.
Finally, the CCIU has established the first, of what it hopes are many, liaison offices co-located with the continental United States (CONUS) regional computer emergency response team (RCERT) and the CONUS Theater Network Operations and Security Center (TNOSC), at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.
The CCIU members are the law enforcement element at UNMIK.
75) The facts reported here are summarized from the case file from CCIU after it was referred to DOJ for prosecution.