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CCJCaribbean Court of Justice
CCJCounty Court Judgement (England & Wales; registered debt in civil action)
CCJCommercial Carrier Journal
CCJConference of Chief Justices
CCJCorte Centroamericana de Justicia (Central America)
CCJCalicut, India (Airport Code)
CCJConseil Communal des Jeunes (French: Municipal Youth Council)
CCJCentre Camille Jullian (French archaeological center)
CCJCore Component Jammer
CCJCenter for Criminal Justice (various locations)
CCJConseil Consultatif de la Jeunesse (French: Youth Advisory Council)
CCJCenter for Creative Justice (Ames, IA)
CCJComputer Communications Journal
CCJCluster Computing Journal
CCJCyber Citizens for Justice
CCJCenter for Communication and Journalism (Plattsburgh State University of New York)
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CCJs are recorded, for six years, on a register that banks and other lenders check when deciding who to give credit to.
How do I find out if a CCJ has been made against me?
The establishment of the CCJ is certainly a landmark event in the history of the Caribbean.
She later issued a statement which read: 'The CCJ relates to a rental payment for our offices which we sent but it seems was never received, or was credited to the wrong account.
During in-depth interviews throughout 2013, readers repeatedly told us they wanted a way to learn about their peers' experiences with various types of equipment and products," says CCJ Editor Jeff Crissey.
CCJs are issued in the case of failure to repay debts to an individual or company.
The presidents of the other countries are uniformly on board with the EU's demands concerning PARLACEN and the CCJ.
The CCJ appealed in its statement for charges against the two journalists to be dropped.
But then I was informed I would have to send pounds 100 to process my claim and clear the CCJ.
NYSE: CGI) "Celadon", one of North America's premier transportation and logistics companies, has been named the 2015 CCJ Innovator of the Year by Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) magazine for its use of technology and software by its Customer Service department to make booking loads a more sophisticated and analytical process and improve the company culture.
In order to prevent the CCJ they are advised to make an immediate payment into a bank account, usually with a legitimate sounding name.