CCJEConseil Consultatif de Juges Européens (French)
CCJECentre Communal des Jeunes d'Engis (French: Engis Youth Community Center; Engis, Belgium)
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The CCJE noted that the official performance of judges may give rise to criticism or even to disciplinary or criminal investigations but that these types of proceedings must follow the procedure set down by relevant acts of parliament.
It is not apparent why such speed in the proceedings was necessary, nor have sufficient grounds for such a headlong rush been given," said the CCJE.
The bureau of the CCJE also received a letter on May 1 from CoE-kun Yorulmaz, an advocate representing his client Hidayet Karaca, addressed to the director of human rights of the Council of Europe in which Yorulmaz gave a detailed account of the events leading to the arrest of the two judges.