CCJEConseil Consultatif de Juges Européens (French)
CCJECentre Communal des Jeunes d'Engis (French: Engis Youth Community Center; Engis, Belgium)
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The CCJE has argued that the fundamental principles of the separation of powers, of the independence of the judiciary and of the personal independence of judges are necessary prerequisites for a democratic society that is governed by the rule of law.
The CCJE noted that the official performance of judges may give rise to criticism or even to disciplinary or criminal investigations but that these types of proceedings must follow the procedure set down by relevant acts of parliament.
In its 2001 opinion, the CCJE underlines the difficulty "in striking an appropriate balance between for example the need to protect the judicial process against distortion and pressure, whether from political, press or other sources, and the interests of open discussion of matters of public interest in public life and in a free press.