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CCKChoa Chu Kang (Singapore)
CCKComplementary Code Keying (RF modulation)
CCKCommunications Commission of Kenya
CCKClient Customization Kit
CCKCrown Cork & Seal Company, Inc (Philadelphia, PA)
CCKChurch Of Christ the King (Brighton, UK)
CCKCocos-Keeling Island (airport and country code)
CCKContracting Command Korea
CCKColor Clock
CCKCyclo Club Kingersheim (French cycling club)
CCKCentre de Calcul Khawarizmi (French: Khawarizmi Computing Center; Tunisia)
CCKConti Comfort Kit (tire air compressor)
CCKChair Command Kill
CCKCabinet de Conseil Karaj (French; law and tax consultancy; Lausanne, Switzerland)
CCKCiudad Cultural Konex (Spanish: Konex Cultural City, Argentina)
CCKContent Construction Kit (Drupal)
CCKCancer Center for Kids (Mineola, NY)
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Compared to PCK liners, CCK liners are more heat resistant and allow higher converting speeds during production.
The union of DAV and Harvard Law School is truly a marriage of the best with the best, and we thank CCK for being the matchmaker.
As shown in Figure 2, the secretion of the serum GIH ghrelin, CCK, and secretin was closely related to [alpha]-amylase activity in the duodenum.
No data exist to suggest that symptom reproduction with CCK injection or degree of GBEF abnormality is predictive of relief of symptoms by cholecystectomy, and these criteria should not be used to select patients for surgery.
It significantly stimulates the production of CCK and GLP1, two objective parameters for satiety.
What are the reliabilities and validity of Holland's RIASEC scales on the CCK Online among the students?
However, according to the researchers, further studies are needed to determine whether enhancing CCK action in the gut of humans is effective and safe in lowering glucose levels in healthy individuals as well as patients with diabetes and obesity.
Stop Sign Food entering the small bowel stimulates release of the substance CCK into the wall of the stomach.
Before eating, the volunteers received an intravenous infusion that was either inert or contained a high or low dose of CCK.
In this procedure, 99Tc is injected into the patient, the gallbladder is scanned, and then an infusion of CCK is begun, causing the gallbladder to contract and empty.
Later it was recognized that CCK was a potent stimulant of pancreatic enzyme secretion (3).