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CCL5CC Chemokine Ligand 5
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An interrogation was conducted using a microarray dataset to evaluate CCR5 and CCL5 expression in the context of 2,254 patient breast cancer samples.
at LMU showed that the platelet-derived chemokines CCL5 and CXCL4 form heteromers in lung tissue samples from human patients and mice with ALI, positively correlating with neutrophil influx into the tissue as well as changes in lung permeability.
Bacteria effect on gene expression of CXCL1, CCL5 and CXCL5: Significant upregulation of gene expression for CXCL1 was noted in response to S.
In the study, the researchers demonstrate that the chemokine CCL5 helps to direct the recruitment of EPCs to sites of wounding by acting on the chemokine receptor CCR5.
RANTES/ CCL5 binds to the CCRX receptor subset) (2).
With regard to chemokines, recent studies indicate that polymorphisms in CCL5 may alter the likelihood and the course of HIV-1 infection (13).