CCLADCalifornia Conference of Local AIDS Directors (San Diego, CA)
CCLADClimate Change Levy Accounting Document (UK)
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On September 3, near Dirkou, in Agadez region, the CCLAD with support from other security forces apprehended traffickers aboard three vehicles carrying a total of at least 3,200 kilograms of cannabis resin with an illicit market value of 13 billion CFA ($27.
The Summit welcomed a distinguished panel of dental experts who gathered to discuss advancements in the scientific and clinical practice communities toward the common goal of advancing the art, science and knowledge of CCLAD in dentistry.
Martin stated, "It was perhaps most gratifying to confirm that academics and clinicians, alike, recognize the potentially profound impact that Milestone's CCLAD technology is having on the practice of dentistry.
In February of last year, Milestone introduced to market the STA System, a patented CCLAD system that incorporates the "pressure force feedback" elements of Milestone's patented CompuFlo(R) technology, thereby allowing dentists to administer injections accurately and painlessly into the periodontal ligament space, effectively anesthetizing a single tooth.
Ease of administration with the CCLADS compared favorably with the traditional technique.
The CCLADS is activated as the needle is placed at a 45-degree angle to the palate and slowly advanced until bone is contacted (Figure 6).