CCLECenter for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics
CCLECollectif contre les Expulsions (French: Collective against Evictions; Belgium)
CCLECommission on Continuing Legal Education
CCLEChristian Copyright Licensing (Europe) Ltd
CCLECentre de Coopération Linguistique et Éducative (French: Center for Linguistic and Educational Cooperation)
CCLECheck Point Certified Licensing Expert (software professional)
CCLECreating a Collaborative Learning Environment (University of Wisconsin)
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The most common LE-specific lesion in this study was CCLE (85%).
CCLE is the commonest cutaneous manifestation of LE.
Sure enough, a month after the CCLE report (available at cognitiveliberty.
CCLE attorney Julie Ruiz-Sierra put it this way, "They're not exactly saying that there's a constitutional right to avoid forced medication; they're saying there is a right not to be forcibly medicated without due process.
The fastest way to erode support for UT, CCLE NISOD and CCSSE is to divert funds from these programs for unintended purposes.
CCLE fosters a strong, consistent global brand while ensuring that local and regional offices deliver content that is relevant to their respective markets.