CCLPCommunity College Leadership Program (various locations)
CCLPCenter for Children's Law and Policy
CCLPChurches' Center for Land and People (Wisconsin)
CCLPComité Consultatif des Locataires et Propriétaires (French: Owners and Tenants Advisory Committee; Belgium)
CCLPCoachella Canal Lining Project (California; US Board of Reclamation; San Diego County Water Authority)
CCLPCommon Carrier Line Pool
CCLPClinical Crown Lengthening Procedures (dentistry)
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The CCLP is a six-week programme under which cabin crew who are promoted to the rank of Leading Steward/Stewardess undergo customised classroom and on-the-job training.
The NAU board and the top leadership at NAU have made it a priority to provide program support to make this the flagship CCLP in the nation.
The move he's referring to is a decision to merge the CCLP with the university's other higher-education administration programs under a new Higher Education Leadership Program.
These data show that certain combination of factors leading to pathology is created already on early stage of immune response in infants with CCLP.
On appeal, CCLP claimed that, by rebuilding the neighborhood's infrastructure, it preserved the area's historic character, prevented community deterioration, and relieved the burdens of government, all of which are charitable purposes.
Change of the condition of immune system of infants with CCLP is little studied though it is known that under CPF in infants secondary immunodeficiencies can exist (Yamada et al.
NISOD's unlikely rise from the ruins of the CCLP has been shepherded by Leach, 58, himself a graduate of Roueche's program.
Of the more than 500 CCLP graduates produced during his 40plus year tenure at CCLP, more than 60 percent are women and people of color.
The research aimed to study frequency and prevalence of pathological process in the larynx in patients with CCLP depending on age, duration, type and dynamics of the disease after cheilo-, urano- and veloplasty.
CCLP opens the door to learning opportunities through our satellite education programs.
Pending the required regulatory and agency approval, the completion of due diligence, and the negotiation and execution of additional documents and agreements with CCLP, CharterMac anticipates that the loan would be the first step in CM Investor's subsequent acquisition of 100% of CCLP's mortgage banking affiliate, Capri Capital Finance, and the formation of a strategic alliance with Capri Capital Advisors, CCLP's pension fund advisory affiliate.
Calaway invited NAU to convene an "information day" in mid-February about its new CCLP to interested JCCC faculty and staff and to surrounding college presidents and their invitees.