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CCMCConnecticut Children's Medical Center (Hartford, CT)
CCMCCommission for Case Manager Certification
CCMCCommunications Consortium Media Center
CCMCCertified Career Management Coach
CCMCCebu City Medical Center (Philippines)
CCMCCommunity Coordinated Modeling Center (NASA)
CCMCChildren with Complex Medical Conditions (Medicaid waiver)
CCMCCeramic and Composite Materials Center (University of New Mexico)
CCMCCanadian Construction Material Center
CCMCCryptologic Communications Management Center
CCMCCatholic Charities of Monroe County (Michigan)
CCMCCertificate in Canadian Marketing Communications (Institute of Communications and Advertising)
CCMCCommonwealth Cable Management Committee
CCMCCustomer Control Management Center
CCMCContinuous-Input Continuous-Output Memoryless Channel
CCMCCanadian Center for Maritime Communications
CCMCCross Cultural Marketing Consultant
CCMCCalifornia Colloquium on Management Communication
CCMCCLAC Certified Management Consultant
CCMCComite des Constructeurs d'Automobile du Marche Commun (French: Common Market Automobile Manufacturers Association)
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The CCMC New World Symposium features nationally-recognized thought leaders and compelling, rubber-meets-the-road sessions for professional and board-certified case managers.
With the permission of the photographers themselves, CCMC said it will modify the photos with graphics posing poignant questions and sending out positive messages for a more participatory reconciliation process with the active involvement of women.
Through the completion of my third year and into my senior year (during which we moved from CCMC to the Pennsylvania Military College [PMC]), Deans Stewart (by then Thompson) and Dower continued to be very supportive and encouraging.
The CCMC and its staff issued 15 separate reports over 5 years, which were published and available as pamphlets.
In its letter to the SEC, CCMC asserts that the timing of the Glass Lewis report publication, subsequent to the announcement by OTPP of its vote decisions on the CP meeting, is indicative that Glass Lewis' recommendations were somehow influenced by OTPP's vote decision.
May described the merger with Premier as a "perfect fit" for CCMC.
The CCMC further put the expenditure into context by showing that Americans in the aggregate spent nearly twice as much on tobacco, toiletries, and recreation, and nearly three times as much on automobiles and other travel than on health care.
Her first "stand" against cancer in July 2000 raised $2,000 (at 50 cents per cup) for CCMC.
She was deputy CEO of Alcatel TITN and Alcatel-Answare from 1987 to 1989, then CEO of CCMC Ressources Humaines.
The Company's collaboration with CCMC is focused on developing a solution for a congenital childhood condition, pediatric esophageal atresia, a condition in which a significant or complete separation of a child's esophagus prevents normal eating function.