CCMDBChange and Configuration Management Database
CCMDBChange and Configuration Management Data Base
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Through this validated integration, Oblicore Guarantee enriches CCMDB resources by enabling Oblicore Guarantee to update CCMDB activities, organizations, business services and business processes with information gathered in Oblicore Guarantee resource data elements.
Our relationship with IBM to integrate with IBM Tivoli CCMDB, extends our offering to our customers by allowing a real-time, holistic and granular view into the health and performance of their infrastructures.
Maintain the CCMDB records' accuracy over time by continuously updating the CCMDB with BDNA-discovered asset information
Identifying gaps or discrepancies in their CCMDB and quickly reconciling their records against the reality of their environment
The combination of Cambia CM and CCMDB enables enterprises to continuously gather detailed configuration items from assets and analyze them for compliance with applicable security and regulatory policies.
The IBM Tivoli CCMDB provides an enterprise-ready configuration management database and platform upon which enterprises can standardize and share information that helps integrate people, processes, information and technology.
From the IBM Tivoli CCMDB console, administrators can view the security and compliance information provided by Cambia CM.
In addition, Voyence will highlight its integration with IBM Netcool and also underscore its commitment to IBM's CCMDB initiative.
The speed, accuracy and intelligence of the software has been harnessed and integrated with the IBM CCMDB and complements the IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager.
Populating the CCMDB with our on demand enterprise inventory solution and IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager technology maximizes the business value and accelerates the benefits associated with a CMDB initiative.
IBM's CCMDB is a logical aggregation of many databases that federate IT information spread across multiple management tools.
nLayers InSight and the Tivoli product family work together to provide customers with a comprehensive, detailed view of the entire application infrastructure that can be accessed through the CCMDB to help unify management disciplines and operate more agile, service-oriented IT organizations.