CCMDBChange and Configuration Management Database
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IBM is helping their customers take a proactive approach to reduce incident and problem management costs by validating that our solutions interface with the IBM Tivoli CCMDB," said Wyatt Starnes, Founder and CEO of SignaCert.
By using a real-time CCMDB repository to map changes back to configuration standards, security posture and forensic capabilities of IT organizations are greatly enhanced, reducing the risks associated with downtime and compliance audits.
Available immediately, CMDBVision(TM) Adapter for CCMDB is the first product that connects the closely related concepts of change and configuration management with application management.
CMDBVision Adapter for CCMDB is the first solution designed to bridge the gap between different configuration management solutions, allowing CMDB administrators and owners to extend their visibility into the application layer.
The CCMDB fits well with our strategy of service desk centralization," Shute said.
Through a rigorous validation process, IBM validated Oblicore Guarantee's integration of its industry leading Service Delivery Management capabilities with its IBM Tivoli CCMDB.
nLayers' non-intrusive approach to providing initial and on-going discovery of IT resources and their relationships is important to the successful deployment of our CCMDB and addresses customers' desire for an IT resource discovery solution that is fast and easy to deploy," said David Caddis, director, market management, IBM Tivoli Service Delivery Solutions.
Populate their CCMDB with the most accurate and complete inventory of networked technology assets across the enterprise
The combination of Cambia CM and CCMDB enables enterprises to continuously gather detailed configuration items from assets and analyze them for compliance with applicable security and regulatory policies.
In addition, Voyence will highlight its integration with IBM Netcool and also underscore its commitment to IBM's CCMDB initiative.
The speed, accuracy and intelligence of the software has been harnessed and integrated with the IBM CCMDB and complements the IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager.