CCMHCampbell County Memorial Hospital (Gillette, WY)
CCMHConcentration Corpusculaire Moyenne en Hémoglobine (French: Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration)
CCMHComanche County Memorial Hospital
CCMHCamden Clark Memorial Hospital (Parkersburg, WV)
CCMHCrawford County Memorial Hospital (Iowa)
CCMHCITIC (China International Trust and Investment) Capital Markets Holdings Limited
CCMHContra Costa Mental Health (California)
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With OfficeEMR, CCMH outpatient physicians are able to access a secure, customized cloud-based application through any internet connection or mobile device.
That includes neighbors, local shop owners, teachers, restaurateurs--and members of the CCMH board of directors.
CCMH billed its own claims, but after insurers paid their portion and the balance became the patient's responsibility, all billing and collection responsibility fell to a Chicago-based outsourcer, whether the monies in question represented a little late payment or genuine bad debt.
To accommodate a smooth patient flow from registration through discharge, CCMH established a "Patient Access" department founded in part upon QuadraMed's Schedule View program, with automated scheduling of outpatient surgery, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, preadmission testing and, soon to come onboard, radiology.
CCMH provides a wide array of services to the southwest quadrant of the state of Oklahoma and has been recognized as a health care leader in the state for many of its services and programs.
Mays ceased serving as the Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMH and CCU and as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
the current Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of the Company, CCU and CCMH, to also serve in such newly-created office for each of the Company, CCU and CCMH in addition to their existing offices which they will retain.
has received three hundred twenty thousand restricted shares of CCMH from the Company for media and advertising services.
Beginning on August 29, 2005, Chemical Consortium will trade under the symbol CCMH.
The CCMH is an advisory body charged with providing recommendations to the Secretary on the revision and interpretation of HUD's manufactured housing construction and safety standards and related procedural and enforcement regulations.
CCMH members are expected to serve two-year terms from one of three categories: producers, users, and general interest and public officials.