CCMHICanadian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative
CCMHIChapman Capital Management Holdings, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
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The experience of the CCMHI suggests there are many benefits when national organizations can work together.
The CCMHI also participated in two major Canadian initiatives.
A proposal submitted by the CCMHI promoting the benefits of collaborative mental health care received the highest ranking from this committee and collaborative mental health care was identified as the first priority for future research endeavors.
The leads of the CCMHI and of these two other initiatives continue to work together to develop a coordinated strategy for the continuing implementation of collaborative mental health care.
The CCMHI formally completed its work in March of 2006 but in December 2006, it received a temporary extension of funding to enable it to continue with the dissemination of its findings.
As the CCMHI was a time-limited project, building sustainability was essential.
Sustaining the momentum generated by the CCMHI will, however, require continuing dissemination of these materials, a national strategy to improve the training of learners, and training modules for providers and planners across the country to assist in implementing collaborative mental health care.
There were two areas in which the CCMHI recognized it did not go as far as it would have liked to.
The CCMHI marked an important stage in the coming of age of collaborative mental health care in Canada.