CCMOCentrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek (Dutch: Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects; Netherlands)
CCMOCoordinating Council of Muslim Organizations
CCMOColorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations (Denver, CO)
CCMOCercle des Chercheurs sur le Moyen-Orient (French: Circle of Research of the Middle East)
CCMOCoordination, Control and the Management of Organizations (Harvard Business School; Boston, MA)
CCMOCentre Commun de Microélectronique de l'Ouest (French: Joint Center for Microelectronics West)
CCMOCompétences Complémentaires en Management des Organisations (French: Complementary Skills in Organizational Management; university course)
CCMOCivilian Career Management Office
CCMOCleveland-Cliffs Michigan Operations (mining)
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Relatively rare 20 years ago, mediation is a "very strong trend," said CCMO President Jackie Moorhead.
CCMO is trying to professionalize the industry with courses in mediation.
The contract will include the requirement to establishment and maintain a stock of 15 large armoured 4 x 4 off-road vehicles (lot 1) and a stock of 15 medium-sized armoured 4 x 4 off-road vehicles (lot 2) available for rapid delivery to any new or existing CCMO, EUSR, IcSP operations and operations under the responsibility of the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments, Delegation, ECHO offices, CSDP military operations, EEAS HQ or CSDP warehouse.