CCMRFCBRNE Consequence Management Response Force
CCMRFCommon Cause Medical Research Foundation
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The CCMRF began with the 2007 release of the "National Strategy for Homeland Security.
At its core, CCMRF is about "Americans helping Americans" when civil support and National Guard forces have been overwhelmed.
The CCMRF also has a heavy equipment requirement, which has been filled by the Air Force.
However, until the Integrated Planning System and its associated plans are complete, DOD's plans and those of other federal and state entities will not be integrated, and it will remain unclear whether DOD's CCMRF will address potential gaps in capabilities.
In an emergency, CCMRF would conduct search-and-rescue missions, extract casualties or decontaminate victims after a nuclear, chemical or biological attack.
CCMRF won't be called in unless requested by governors or if the president declares an emergency.
While civilian consequence managers will lead the way in responding to a domestic emergency, the CCMRF is the military's response.
Figure 2 breaks down requirements by class of supply for a full CCMRF response force.
A CCMRF capability is employed at the request of the Department of Homeland Security or other designated lead agency when the effects of a CBRNE incident exceed state and local capabilities.
Other members of CCMRF will be responsible for defusing bombs with "Andros" robots, which have been used in Iraq to disarm explosive devices, Belk said.
CCMRF is made up of 4,500 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.
It is authorized for wear by operational units dealing with weapons of mass destruction-civil support teams, CERFPs, CCMRFs, consequence management advisory teams, and chemical reconnaissance teams.