CCMUACamden County Municipal Utilities Authority (Camden County, New Jersey)
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CCMUA operators needed a solution that would reduce the amount of fresh water needed, and equally important, the amount of labor required to maintain the pumps.
CCMUA partnered with the Pennsylvania-based Process Systems Engineering Group (PSEG) to find a new cost-effective sealing solution for the utility.
We initially sought to retrofit our existing equipment," says Andrew Kricun, chief engineer at CCMUA.
The Phoenix Park project is one that we are very proud of, said CCMUA Director Andrew Kricun.
The site of Phoenix Park, named for the mythical bird that rises from the ashes of its predecessor, sits on the Delaware River adjacent to the CCMUA wastewater treatment plant just off Broadway in South Camden, The buildings at the former American Minerals site were razed years ago.
The agreement requires the CCMUA to pay the State $110,000 in civil penalties, $100,000 of which will be used to finance local environmental projects to be selected by SCCA and DEP.
The Consent Decree, which settled the SCCA lawsuit against the plant, was based on an earlier settlement signed by the SCCA, DEP, the Office of the Attorney General, and the CCMUA in response to fines DEP levied against the CCMUA.
The system was aimed and put up to span open wastewater treatment tanks, with the solar electricity sold by the third party possessor to CCMUA, the project host, in the form of a PPA.