CCNVCommunity for Creative Non-Violence (Washington, DC, USA)
CCNVCommunity Care Network of Virginia (health-care billing management)
CCNVCentro Cristiano Nueva Vida (Spanish: New Life Christian Center)
CCNVCenter for Creative Non-Violence (Washington, DC)
CCNVCarson City, Nevada
CCNVCardiovascular Consultants of Nevada (est. 1977; Henderson, NV)
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Al retomar los elementos desarrollados hasta aqui, nos concentraremos en analizar como se construye la identidad del CCNV y en que medida los aspectos caracteristicos de dicha nocion dinamizan los procesos sociopoliticos en los cuales la iglesia se ve inmersa.
En el caso del CCNV podemos encontrar varios elementos que representan esta diferencialidad constitutiva que, en muchos aspectos, responde a los imaginarios evangelicos, en general, y a los pentecostales, en particular.
After CCNV I, the Park Service modified its regulation to expand the definition of camping.
In the fall of 1982, as it had done the year before, the Park Service granted a permit request from CCNV to conduct a wintertime protest, this time in both Lafayette Park and on the Mall, for the purpose of demonstrating the plight of the homeless.
Because Reid was not a CCNV employee, he was an independent contractor, and because there was no written agreement between Reid and CCNV giving CCNV ownership of the copyright in the work, CCNV owned the copy, but Reid owned the copyright.
A hundred different scenarios will show the same pattern: good sense suggests that an "employee author" owns the copyright, but the Supreme Court's test in CCNV places ownership of the copyright elsewhere.
The CCNV succeeded in persuading the nation that homelessness required federal action, but it failed otherwise.
The court pointed out that CCNV had, in fact, contributed more than an "abstract idea.
Referring back to CCNV and Smith, he again indicated that unless the government directly denied the ability to convey a message, restrictions of an "incidental" nature on expressive conduct framed as criminal laws of general applicability would be immune from constitutional challenge (Barnes v.
with CCNV over the message it sought to deliver, and that CCNV still had
I showed up at CCNV late on a Saturday afternoon in January, dressed in my worst clothes and having not washed or shaved for days.
eClinicalWorks is also providing CCNV an interface with LabCorp[R], one of the world's largest clinical laboratories.