CCNYCity College of New York (City University of New York)
CCNYCollege of the City of New York (now New York University)
CCNYComputer Connection of Central New York (est. 1988; Utica, NY)
CCNYChild Center of New York (child and family support group; New York)
CCNYCanadian Club of New York (New York, NY)
CCNYCollector's Club of New York (philatelic group)
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As with others in his CCNY alcove, Lipset was much influenced by this disillusioned study of politics as practised by the German Social Democrats prior to World War I.
He was marking the anniversary of the 1950 triumph by City College of New York, the CCNY Beavers.
a provider of Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances, has announced the appointment of CCNY as a Master Reseller for its UTM appliance series across North America.
Almost a quarter of the students at CCNY supported Earl Browder, the Communist Party candidate, in 1936, and Barr stuck with the party through the Nazi-Soviet pact three years later.
At CCNY there were hundreds of freshmen his age, quite a few younger, and even one kid of twelve--all brainy.
The god it justifies is the destructive, exhibitionist behavior that the "best minds" engage in (they "threw potato salad at CCNY lecturers on Dadaism," "jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge," etc.
So far, 111 students have completed the CCNY program and 63 were employed in the industry, Unger said.
The design took top design honors in a recent CCNY Schools of Architecture.
Havana: Cuba's Underground Economy in Comparative Perspective," Ted Henken, Baruch College, CCNY.
When I went to CCNY for my engineering degree, I drove cabs, arranged music and played in string quartets.
The ultimate goal is to implement a new technology-rich teacher preparation program at CCNY for full implementation by September 2000.