CCNZChurch College of New Zealand (Hamilton)
CCNZChristian Camping New Zealand (Taupo, New Zealand)
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Clients using the CCNZ service covered 23 different types of cancers.
2%) most lung cancer clients have died or have metastatic disease and are therefore ineligible for the CCNZ service.
The majority of CCNZ requests came from 105 female clients (67.
Time from initial diagnosis to first referral to the CCNZ service
There were seven main reasons for a CCNZ request (see Figure 5).
This project was the first review of the Cancer Society of New Zealand's CCNZ service since its 2005 inception and several important aims were achieved.
It is also envisaged that projects and evaluations such as this and Part 2 of this project will further enhance understanding, knowledge and confidence with referral to the CCNZ service.
Time from diagnosis to referral to CCNZ is also an important feature.
Reasons for CCNZ request were found to be in seven major areas.