CCOFCadillac Club of Finland
CCOFChild Care Operating Fund (Canada)
CCOFChrist's Church of Flagstaff (Flagstaff, AZ)
CCOFCommand Center of the Future (US Navy)
CCOFCalifornia Certified Organic Farmers
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MR: To my mind, it is also shameful that organic certification agencies such as the USDA and CCOF have allowed this to happen and did not ever once ask whether that was potentially putting consumers at risk.
It is a member of the Organic Trade Association and has its organic certification through CCOF.
CCOF and several of its certified organic growers worked with WFA by actively developing and testing biodiversity strategies on real-life organic farms.
It's a goddamn outrage that the office and the CCOF have decided they are a dictatorship and won't release the report to us.
Swezey explains that private certifiers such as CCOF look not only at what goes into an organic product in terms of inputs, but also at how farmers manage their land.
They (like many organic grape growers) spray their vines not with pesticides but with compounds, such as sulfur dust, permitted by the CCOF, while in the cellar they use newly developed yeast cultures and blanket their wines with nitrogen gas to prevent spoiling.
Two-Buck Chuck) announced in 2016 that he's committed to organics in a big way, converting 5,000 of his 40,000 acres of vines to CCOF certification and replacing glyphosate with French plows.
CCOF certified organic, it is grown in a naturally rich environment on the central coast of California by third-generation grower Pete Overgaag with time tested cultural techniques passed down through the generations.
grower with 100 acres yielding 4 tons of wine grapes valued at $1,300 per ton (for a per-acre yield of $5,200), the CCOF certification fee would amount to $11.
All their products are non-GMO, trans fat free, and certified organic by CCOF (“Made With Organic”).
We believe the merger will create the strongest mission-driven certification program in the country," says CCOF Executive Director Cathy Calfo, noting the collaboration will also allow the organization to cut costs while delivering better services, such as providing electronic versions of certification records.