CCOICChina Chamber of International Commerce
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Yue Lijuan, President Party Secretary, CCPIT Linyi Branch, CCOIC Linyi Chamber, expressed admiration for the urban and cultural development witnessed in Dubai.
The First CCOIC Congress of the Members symbolizes that CCOIC begins its operating in China to facilitate members' participation in international business activities, as well as the discussion and formulation of business practices, usages and rules at international levels.
Issuing a media statement on Tuesday, UOB has announced that the bank has partnered the CCOIC plus Qiangjian Group, the top construction conglomerate in Shandong Province of China, under its strategy to intensify its assistance for the Chinese firms expanding via the Belt and Road scheme and both the MOUs will allow Chinese business investment in the Southeast Asian region.
UOB and CCOIC, as part of the newly signed first MOU, will work in cooperation to support Chinese companies engaged in the sectors of infrastructure, as well as new energy and Information Technology (IT) to capitalize on the Belt and Road scheme and to spread out to Southeast Asia.
The partnership between CCOIC & UOB will facilitate the Chinese firms with the CCOIC membership to get access to the UOBs range of local and global solutions, plus network of strategic partners across the Southeast Asian portfolio of the lender.