CCOOComisiones Obreras (Spanish Labor Union)
CCOOCo-Chief Operating Officer (organizational business title)
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CCOO, UGT and SEPLA are willing to negotiate on the basis of good faith a viable plan for Iberia and return to the land of profitability.
We want to say loud and clear to the government that we do not agree, that its policies cause too much damage, that we will not resign ourselves because there are alternatives," CCOO head Ignacio Toxo told the rally.
The UGT and CCOO unions represent the majority of the Spanish carrier's ground staff.
The aforementioned CCOO report states that the flexibility and cost reduction offered by migrant labour "are important incentives for companies to hire labour of foreign origin, even when there is no shortage of autochthonous labour, which produces undesired substitution processes.
Carlos Martin, economist at CCOO, one of Spain's two big national trade unions said: "The gap between Spain's growth and that of the rest of Europe is based on Spanish companies enjoying elements that other countries have long had but which are a novelty here.
The demonstration has been organised by Spain s two leading trade unions, CCOO and UGT, along with roughly 150 smaller organisations, including groups representing students, immigrants and women.
Ils commencent comme cela puis ils vont continuer a supprimer nos droits, lancait Victor Ogando, un manifestant de 44 ans portant un chapeau noir orne de l'insigne rouge et blanc des CCOO, ancien employe dans la construction aujourd'hui au chomage.
COMPLEX ISSUE "Labour reform pacts are just as complicated today as they were yesterday," a CCOO spokesman said as the meeting started.
Spanish airline Iberia announced today that it has signed its 19th Collective Bargaining Agreement covering ground staff with the UGT and CCOO unions.
The UGT and the CCOO, the country's two largest unions, called for Tuesday's demonstrations against the reform in several major cities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
The powerful UGT and CCOO unions, which represent chambermaids, cleaners, receptionists and other hotel staff, had been in talks with management for six months.