CCORCustomer Chain Operations Reference (model)
CCORCo-Creating Our Reality (website)
CCORClassroom Clinical Observation Record (teaching aid)
CCORCubic Chain of Rotators (fluid dynamic state)
CCORCoordinating Committee for Oceanographic Research
CCORCancer Care Ontario Regional Council (Canada)
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CCOR sells exchange traded index put and call options to reduce volatility and increase return.
1] (Deiters method) Abbreviations CCOR Cubic Chain Of Rotators equation of state CV Cardano-Vieta EOS Equation Of State MRF Multiple Root Finder NR Newton-Raphson method PR Peng Robinson EOS PT Patel Teja EOS a Pa [m.
The second turning point came in January 2007, following the annual CCOR meeting.
The members of the CCOR appreciated the cases where successful implementation had been undertaken.
CCOR was constituted to curtail to a maximum extant the annual losses to the tune of Rs 243 billion, incurred by these PSEs through their restructuring.
For the past three years, CCOR has worked diligently through its various committees and summit meetings to bring about a cohesive plan to improve the industry's fraud-fighting efforts (even to the point of exploring a merger of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, and IASIU).
The 3rd Annual CCOR (Canadian Community of Riyadh) Open Golf Tournament 2015 was successfully organized recently at Dirab Golf & Country Club in another fun event to remember.
CCOR analyzed the recommendations given by BOD and subsequent issues of DISCO's of each region separately.
What do the acronyms CCOR, NICB, CAIF and IASIU have in common?
This tournament followed the first two major events to open the year 2014 namely Sinoma Open and CCOR Canadian Open.
The CCOR reiterated the resolve to revitalize PSM and develop it into a profitable entity.
Stockholm-listed Concordia Maritime (Stockholm: CCOR B) has re-entered into an USD125m equity hedge, Concordia said on Friday (27 February).