CCOVICool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute
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Under her leadership CCOVI initiated closer contact with the grape-growing and wine-making industries - contacts that will continue to strengthen and grow within the rapidly developing grape and wine research cluster," said Dr.
I am most pleased to see that Isabelle will continue to collaborate with CCOVI and look forward to working with her to help determine and address the issues that are of the highest priority to the grape and wine, tender fruit and ornamental sectors of horticulture industries in Canada," said Donald Ziraldo, Chairman, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.
I have always been committed to new ideas, from my roots in the nursery business, focussing on Vitis vinifera grape vines, obtaining with Karl, the first winery licence in Ontario since prohibition in 1975, establishing the VQA, assisting in creating and building CCOVI and the Niagara Hospitality Centre and my involvement with the Greenbelt.