CCPCCanadian Controlled Private Corporation
CCPCCanadian Clean Power Coalition (Canada)
CCPCCivil Communications Planning Committee (NATO)
CCPCChester County Planning Commission (West Chester, PA)
CCPCConcerned Citizens of Platte County (Camden Point, MO)
CCPCCommission to Combat Police Corruption (New York; est. 1995)
CCPCCanadian Council of Professional Certification (Canada)
CCPCClimate Change Plan for Canada (est. 2002)
CCPCChristian Community Presbyterian Church (Bowie, MD)
CCPCCumberland County Planning Commission (Pennsylvania)
CCPCCanadian Centre for Progressive Christianity
CCPCCollege of Chinese Physical Culture (UK; est. 2002)
CCPCChevy Chase Presbyterian Church (Washington, DC)
CCPCCooperative Credit Purchasing Company, Limited (Japan)
CCPCCollingwood Community Policing Centre (BC, Canada)
CCPCChristian Community Placement Center (Salem, OR)
CCPCCivil and Criminal Procedure Code (Bhutan)
CCPCChartiers Custom Pet Cremation (Bridgeville, PA)
CCPCCentral College Presbyterian Church (Ohio)
CCPCCollegiate Church Planting Community (Boston, MA)
CCPCCentral Carolina Poodle Club (North Carolina)
CCPCCommittee on Crime Prevention and Control
CCPCCommunications Computer Programming Center
CCPCCyclone Coastal Patrol Craft
CCPCCalgary Collegiate Programming Contest (Canada)
CCPCCorunna Community Policing Committee (Ontario, Canada; est. 1990)
CCPCCentral California Pigeon Club (est. 1946)
CCPCCalgary Chinese Pentecostal Church (Canada)
CCPCCentro de Capacitación Para la Comunicación (Guatemala)
CCPCClayton Canyon Pony Club (California)
CCPCCrypt Cell Production per Crypt
CCPCColumbus County Partnership for Children (North Carolina)
CCPCCenter for Coordination, Promotion and Communication (Japan; est. 2008)
CCPCConsta-Cyclic Polyadic Code
CCPCChinese Communist Party Congress
CCPCComprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control (Colorado)
CCPCComite Consultivo Publico Conjunto (Spanish: Joint Public Advisory Committee)
CCPCCreative Contract Packaging Corporation (Hormel Foods)
CCPCClube de Criadores de Pássaros de Cuiabá (Portuguese: Cuiabá Bird Breeders Club; Brazil; est. 1977)
CCPCComunauté de Communes du Pays de Cruseilles (French: Cruseilles Community of Common Country)
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CCPC chairwoman Isolde Goggin said: "Our collaboration with colleagues in Customs has meant that these potentially unsafe products were not sold to consumers in Ireland.
Dr Abdul Qayyum Chaudhry said that because of encouragement of PU administration led by the vice chancellor, the PU CCPC had developed linkages with 200 national and multinational companies for job placement of PU students.
the period specified in Section 21(2) of the Competition Act having elapsed without the CCPC having informed Mylan of the determination (if any) which it has made under Section 21(2) of the Competition Act; or
The doctors and staff of CCPC are specially trained and board certified in pulmonary diseases.
CCPC 2013 aims to empower patients to take responsibility for their disease and to become an even stronger voice in what is an extremely challenging landscape.
Wensley and Warda (2007) and Wensley (2010), for example, argue that the current tax rules significantly limit the benehts larger arms outside the CCPC definition, namely US multinationals, receive from SR&ED credits.
Whether or not the employer corporation qualifies for CCPC status is critical for determining the tax consequences of employee stock compensation.
When a CCPC pays a dividend, and it has a GRIP balance at least as large as the dividend paid, the corporation can choose to designate the full amount of the dividend as an eligible dividend.
If the combination of the low rate of tax and the dividend tax credit result in the first $300,000 of active business earned by a CCPC being subject to approximately the same amount of tax as if it had been earned by an individual personally, then where does the so-called income tax "benefit" come into play?
To illustrate the difference in result, consider the following example for determining CCPC status.
Executives with CCPC will officially adopt the nomination at a meeting following a shareholders' gathering also on March 29, the private entity said.
Humberto Salamao Mafuz, who was a co-founder in 1963 of the Consultative Council of Cocoa Producers (CCPC) and, among many other positions, was president of the CCPC during the periods 1977-79 and 1983-85, argues that most producers supported CEPLAC and the 10% contribution quota.